Carey Primeau

Fine Art Philosophy

Photography helps me communicate ideas about the urban environment, passion, love, nature and even energy.  In fact, it's my key to self-expression and for loving life.  Because of its personal healing powers and potential for social/cultural change, it's an art I continually reach for perfection with.  When I started taking photography seriously is when I finally gained a voice.

With each shutter click I’m letting free the thoughts in my head because deep down inside I feel my energy needs sharing.  My mind sees things a bit differently than my eyes so I use a camera to distort, warp, enhance and effectively change or manipulate my perspective.  The resulting images are better representations of what I imagine than what words can describe.  

This new point of view is what I always strive for because it's incredibly easy and convincing to create misguided truths in one's head. If a person continually relies on a single dimension, their view of the world is limited in scope.  I don't want to live in a constrained self centered mindset.  The universe is vast and so are our minds.  Photography and the act of creating something is my main method for expanding my field of vision.


"When I started taking photography seriously is when I finally gained a voice."

"We have the ability to communicate with the future so prepare to leave an important message."

"The universe is vast and so are our minds."

"I can't be sure that what I see is what you see, so I've taken some cameras and slowed down light to my speed and recorded it for us to appreciate."

About me

Almost everyday I’m reminded I’m not alone in my quest for something deeper, something better than what we're force fed.  The standard is unacceptable.   Corporations don't rule my life, money doesn't control me, politicians have ceased to sway me.  What I really want is purer air to breath, cleaner water to drink, natural foods to eat, sustainable communities to live with, more nature surrounding me.   I was born into a strange world and my photographs reflect a constantly evolving understanding of it.

Born 1982, Chicago. BFA (UIC Chicago, 2007) Photography, Film, and Electronic Media.


  • Chicago Teachers Union Scholarship/2005
  • UIC Moving image Award/2007
  • Union League Club Member Award/2007
  • Curator's Choice Award, Chicago Art Open/2008
  • Purchase Prize, Park Forest Art Fair/2011
  • Father/2014
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