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  1. Tina & Pete Engagement Chicago lakefront 2016

    2016-05-05 01:45:00 UTC

    After their frigid lakefront engagement shoot this winter (they were troopers!), I’m looking forward to Tina Tews and Pete’s destination wedding at El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya, Mexico December 2016! Congrats and thanks for having me as your photographer!!!

  2. Jessica Paul Wedding Northbrook, IL 2015

    2016-04-05 02:02:00 UTC

  3. Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood

    2016-04-05 00:57:00 UTC

  4. Violet 4 Months Kid Photography

    2015-05-13 00:16:00 UTC

  5. Sarah & Mark Wedding 03.28.15

    2015-04-13 02:33:00 UTC

  6. Christos K. 7 Months

    2015-03-18 01:32:00 UTC

  7. Downtown Chicago (& Hyde Park) 2015

    2015-02-26 02:27:00 UTC

  8. Helen & Nick Wedding 01.03.15

    2015-02-06 03:00:00 UTC

    Second Shooter

  9. Wedding Album and Accordion Books

    2015-02-05 01:13:08 UTC

    Customized lay-flat wedding album and accordion brag books for any occasion.

  10. Eleni Cotseones 3 Months

    2015-01-29 16:46:55 UTC

  11. New alterscapes from Chicago summer 2014

    2015-01-25 20:59:39 UTC

    Multiple exposure 35mm color film.

  12. Penelope Ann Dziedzic 3 months

    2015-01-21 01:47:13 UTC

  13. Miles Primeau’s First Month

    2014-12-17 02:42:57 UTC

    Miles Lorber Optimus Primeau This little guy, or should I say huge (he eats like a horse and sounds like a whale) is amazing! Being a dad has proven challenging especially when it come to crying, but I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing son. His expressions cover the…

  14. pmc-30 Yeaman Machines

    2014-12-03 02:53:46 UTC

    Robots of the 21st century. Custom projects engineered by Yeaman Machines. All photo work completed by Carey Primeau Photography. Back to Blog

  15. Amy at 9 months.

    2014-11-26 00:50:51 UTC

    I know the kid is already born (Oct. 18Th!), but I wanted to share the final hours of Amy’s pregnancy before I post some pics of him.

  16. Creative Experience Design & Build Website

    2014-11-21 03:51:43 UTC

    Creative Experience Design & Build’s website is officially done and open for business! They have amazing craftsmanship and even better ideas for all your home design and remodeling. Their work is top notch and I’m thrilled to add it to my portfolio See the site here: All photos and…

  17. Amy Pregnancy 7 mo.

    2014-09-29 01:25:22 UTC

    My beautiful wife carrying our alien son, Optimus ;)

  18. Awesome People Getting Married

    2014-08-28 00:21:28 UTC

    Dress rehearsal for Jeremy and Rachel Mann. July 3rd, 2014

  19. Welcome to the new Primeau

    2014-08-01 00:31:45 UTC

    Once again, redevelopments have been in the works. Maybe they fall on silent eyes but hopefully the energy keeps expanding and reaches some curious souls in the future. This is still and will be my little plot of space in the infinite and vast interweb so, keep coming back for…

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